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Community Projects

Community support

Community support was established by the Tanzanian government, and the purpose is to support people living in poverty, from all over the country. Therefore, Bright African Safaris support the local community by donating 10% of the annual profit to the community support. This allows us to offer different kinds of volunteer programs, that all support the local community around Kilimanjaro and Arusha Region. The different programs include visits to local primary schools, hospitals, poor families and orphans children’s center. If you desire to help the local community, these tours will allow you to do a lot. Most of the work will take place in the villages, where the different programs are located.


Tree planting project (environmental project)

The tree planting project strives to protect our environment from drought. The president cut the first sod on this project after a year with severe drought. The drought affected almost everyone in Tanzania, where most suffered from lack of food and water. The government had to step in and provide life support. Afterwards, the government made a system, which aim is to project the soil from drought as well as soil erosion. Planting trees are also protecting our water source.

The system consist mainly of one rule - you have to plant a tree before cutting a tree.

The project is no longer held solely by the government, but also by individuals and villages themselves.

How to support the tree planting project?

First of all you have to choose whether you want to support the project in Kilimanjaro or Arusha Region. Afterwards, you have to decide the most fitable duration and in which period the volunteering shall take place. Bright African Safaris is going to arrange your stay for you while being here. The most convenient time for supporting this projects is from November to March, as Tanzania depends much on the rain season. If you prefer to volunteer in the summer, it can be also arranged from late July to August, due to the short rain season at that time.

When choosing this volunteer project you will have to buy tree plants yourself, and also be prepared to put in a lot of manpower.


Water supply project

The water supply project was first established to support the people living in the villages. The water source can be far away from home and the people have to walk long distances with baskets, pots and babies on the bag to get water for their daily use. Furthermore, the long distances expose a risk of being attacked by wild animals, because they sometimes have to cross wildlife-areas.

To support the water supply project you can do the following

  • Help build water tanks
  • Help distribute water to the villages
  • Buy water-purifying chemicals
  • Help protect our water source
  • Cleaning up our water source point


Orphan children project

Bright African Safaris will arrange trips to orphanages, whether you want to go in Kilimanjaro or Arusha Region.

Many children become orphans after losing their parents to AIDS, and they are often left alone with no medical care. These children are awaiting support and you can be the one making a difference. Visiting the orphanage will not cost you much, but it would be much appreciated if you bring them food and/or clothes. You can also apply them with medical care, and maybe one day put them to school. During your stay you will also have time to talk and play with the children.


Support to the poor families

Most of the poverty is caused by not going to school and instead staying home to look out for parents or younger siblings. Often this happens if the elder in the family have never been to school and do not know the importance of education. This pattern will continue throughout generations and are therefore hard to break free of.

This pattern has been ongoing since the colonial government, where education was offered according to what religion you practiced - mostly the Christian. Therefore, families were forced to practice the Christian religion in order to achieve support from missionaries, who owned the schools. This pattern is still affecting families up until now, why they remain poor.

The government offers primary school for free, but if you want to continue to secondary school it is most likely that you have to pay school fees. This is where the problem evolves, because most of the families are unable to pay the fees. The families are depending on your help in order to put the children to school. This will allow the children to break the pattern and make a brighter future for the coming generations.


You will get

If you choose one of the above mentioned community project you will get a 3-day tour to Usangi Village, in the beautiful highlands.

The trip includes

  • A hike to the Kindoroko Forest (2113m). This is an indigenous forest with an interesting flora and fauna. It is also an unrevealed ritual place.
  • A short visit to the local families. Here you will have time to see and experience the local life in the original round houses (msonge), which used to accommodate a family of 8-10 persons. The houses are all built with mud and the roof is made of cooking oil cans. Some of the houses are over 120 years old now.
  • Hike down to Goma Caves, which were built during the former clan wars from late 1800 til 1905.
  • Walk to the Ibwe la vana site. This is a huge precipice, where infanticide was practiced before the invasion of the Islamic and Christian missionaries.
  • Cultural interaction with the local elder at Mbale village.
  • A short visit to Kivindu primary school, which was built by missionaries in the 1900’s.
  • Visit to hospitals and primary schools.



first community - Tanzania

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Second Community - Uganda

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